Want to be involved? What are we all about? The Design who?

The Design Collective is known for Pop Up events between Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Byron Bay and beyond. The events are sporadic and sometimes pop up with only 3 weeks notice! We notify our extensive mailing list, social media followers ,marketing on radio, newspapers, zine and music publications. We have been running events under “The Design Collective” since 2015.

To apply to be involved with our events email thedesigncollectiveevents@gmail.com

Please include photos of your stall set up, products, information on what you sell, how its made, where you source your products from, a link to your social media/website, your mobile and address (for marketing material)

If you’re a food vendor, please include your food permit (whatever region you are in) measurements of your stall/van, photos of your stall + any other marketing material.

We are easy going, friendly people and we have a ‘No Fuss’ attitude, we don’t need you to do lengthy application forms, wait for a year to get into our events and we encourage you to do other peoples events too! We don’t lock you into contracts and we go above and beyond to help with marketing your business to our followers & we expect the same in return.

Happy positive people need only apply.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Kat & Matt

Matt n Kat

Kat Creasey 

Hi! My name is Kat and Im the marketing nerd of The Design Collective duo. I started a business at age 12 in Byron Bay, left school at 16 and started running markets at 17. I have travelled Australia teaching vintage hair and makeup and attending retro style festivals selling my handmade wares. I love supporting new designers and creating events to showcase talented creatives, musicians and chefs.


Matt Whalley

Howdy, Im Matt. I Have a Diploma in Getting Sh%# done. Head Mr fix it and self Glorified chair and table Moverer  (is that a word?) . I used to build Race cars to win Plastic Trophies now we run Big Food Festivals to Help Small Businesses all across the East Coast. I have a real soft spot for Big Trucks and Country music.