The travelling what? The travelling eats yo! Do you want a food truck to rock up to your work?


Travelling Gourmet Eats was first created in 2016 when the most iconic food trucks of the east coast region (Australia) decided to look outside the box to create opportunities and possibilities to connect with the community in which they live. In Australia we aren’t always fortunate enough to be able to trade roadside, pull up in a community park or have walk by traffic. We rely on private land, corporate centres, workers factories, event coordinators, markets and festivals to create business for our food trucks.

Want a gourmet food truck to rock up to your workplace for lunch or dinner? Lets do it! Click here >>

This website was created to open up more opportunities for our vendors to trade at and for the loyal customers to get their favourite food truck fix. We connect with charity organisations, schools, office buildings, community groups and people who wish to have a gourmet mobile food vendor at their event, birthday party, wedding or work celebration.

Our foodies have been hand selected, are professional and well presented , creatively talented chefs and are extremely reliable. They only serve the finest quality food and the produce they seek is ethical, locally grown and fresh.

In addition to mid week gigs, lunches and community dinners our agency is fully equipped with a mobile bar, mobile stage, seating and decorations. With connections to talented musicians, family fun entertainers and creative craft vendors ‘Travelling Eats’ is your one stop shop to create a memorable experience. Join the food truck revolution and follow our small businesses on wheels.


Eat coast travelling naked.png

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